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If I'm Right / World by The Voyeurs

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Reviewed on 30th June 2005.


If I'm Right / World

By The Voyeurs

The Voyeurs certainly know how to do good pop music, yet make it listenable for the most 'alternative' of music fan. Title track 'If I'm Right' is a great electronic rock and roll gem, with the guitars good and crunchy and the drums loud and the keyboard being the driving force pounding out all sorts of swirly psychedelic noises. Some fantastic chorus melodies and emotional lyrics and an overall great sounding song!

Second song 'World' shows The Voyeurs' ability to make themselves even more poppy, yet even more enjoyable, with a catchy little bass bit and some classic indie drumming and a heartwarming piano break in the middle of the song. It has some of the elements of one of the better Oasis songs yet they still seem to achieve their own sound with the great keyboard sounds booming out and the soft yet sinister vocals.

It is impossible not to like this fancy little CD from a band who truly seem to know what they are doing, a local band who should be embraced before they become big and leave us. A truly admirable effort.



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On 30th June 2005 at 22:19 Anonymous 4401 wrote...

Now then Voyeurs...

Saw you on the glasswerk chart www.glasswerk.co.uk/index2.php?page=artists,artist_detail&section=album&part=2&fileType=tracks&id=463&folderName=Where_do_we_go_from_here&albumID=258 nice one.

I also heard of a secret gig in the bighouse Sat 2nd... Any chance of an invite guys?

Base4 - InDaHouse



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