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Broken Little Monkey EP by Kid iD

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Reviewed on 23rd July 2005.


Broken Little Monkey EP

By Kid iD

American styley alt-soft-rock-folksy voice boy Ralph Pelleymounter has emerged from the bottomless pit of solo acoustic performers and lends his sultry vocals to the backdrop of a full line up, thus Kid iD are born and henceforth comes this natty little EP.

"Waiting 4 god" is a lovely song. Yup, lovely. Like Hob Nobs. A delightful bass underbelly which rumbles away. Effortlessly ridden by Pelly's (Can I call him that?) country-ish ramblings, unapologetic guitar melodies and some really competent skins work from percussion kid Joe Clark. Hallelujah.

"Some lonesome place" breeds familiar shenanigans and bounces along merrily like an 8 year pumped full of mucho E-numbers and turkey twizzlers. Woo and then Mr Will Moore lends a bit more weight to the table (job no. 1 - Kit basher) by breaking out the violin on "The waiters song". A gorgeous melancholy musical daydream, which sets itself apart on this EP. Great stuff.

This said it is nothing new and as a debut it doesn't blaze, embers merely burn along. Akin to a Morris Minor chugging away on a motorway. It's beautiful and well made, but it still just chugs, chugs, chugs. Hell though they can play, and Master Pelleymounter has a wonderful set of lungs on him and a cracking bunch of songs. So don't "b for bin" them just yet, great things can emerge from plodding along don't you know.



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