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Reviewed on 25th September 2005.



By All My Friends Are Dead

Another group to add to the new movement of Leeds-based post-rock outfits, All My Friends Are Dead arrive with a three-track debut demo that, while showcasing a promising musical style, still feels a little unfinished.

The main problem here is that none of the songs sound tight enough: everything is a bit uncertain and the musicians do seem to lack real 'togetherness' at the moment. Still, they've only been together a few months, and this considered it's by no means a cacophonous sound.

Quite to the contrary, in fact: there's some lovely guitar work here, topped off by some absolutely mesmerising vocals from singer Nic Burrows. It's a shame there aren't more of them: opener Black Orpheus only features a couple of lines, and Seven Eight Song is instrumental. Tellingly, closing number For Our Friends and Future Wives is the strongest track on offer here.



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