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Back In Power by The Glitterati

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Reviewed on 18th October 2005.


Back In Power

By The Glitterati

Hmmm... so funnily enough it appears on this evidence that this lot were floppy-haired indie kids in glam metal headcases' clothing all along then. Just when you had The Glitterati pegged as raunchy old-skool G'n'R worshipping rrrrraaaawwwwwk'n'rrrrraaaaawwwwllll revivalists, along comes this the fifth single off their debut sounding album more than anything like "Coming Up" era Suede of all things ("The Beautiful Ones" if you need a direct reference point). Strange times indeed. Still, this is just as charmingly ridiculously OTT as ever and rather fine with it. So we'll forgive 'em.



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On 20th October 2005 at 22:23 Anonymous 3717 wrote...

What's wrong with GnR?



On 20th October 2005 at 23:45 Anonymous 3358 wrote...

Nothing. Come to the COckpit Monday, it's going to be an ace gig, especially my DJ set at the afershow. I'll be playing GnR.


On 20th October 2005 at 23:57 Anonymous 3717 wrote...

haha, I may do!


On 21st October 2005 at 09:43 Anonymous 3946 wrote...

Nowt wrong with G'n'R at all my friend (though I reserve the right to change that opinion if "Chinese Democracy" ever comes out)


On 21st October 2005 at 11:33 Anonymous 3717 wrote...

I heard some tracks from CD, there's one song called The Blues which is kind of okay, but the rest of the tracks are pretty shite.


On 28th October 2005 at 15:37 Anonymous 4705 wrote...



On 20th November 2005 at 18:27 Anonymous 4509 wrote...

I can see the suede comparison but I'd say The Drowners or Metal Mickey would be a closer comparison point... but yeah they both have that glam/sleaze influence... though the Glitterati lack the breathtaking originality of Bernard Butler's guitar playing or the sexual ambiguity in the lyrics. But you can't have it all, and they are better than Brett and benard's new band The Tears!



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