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Reviewed on 11th December 2005.



By Frankie Eisenhower

Now while some bands are off being all angular or throwing a bit of electro into the mix or just being plain emo there are some bands that still just like to make songs the good old fashioned way. Simple melodies that probably started life out on the acoustic guitar while the rest of the band nodded and stroked their chins.

Some of the tunes verge on being alt-country and firmly fall into the catchy song camp like "Smomaco", while others contain a hint of blues and demonstrate a clear love of the Beatles. By love I mean they sound a lot like the Beatles but are nowhere near as good. Oasis gets a lot of stick for doing it and maybe Frankie Eisenhower should as well. Also covering the Beatles at the end is shocking. No one should cover that band unless they can pull it off like Craig David did ...



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On 12th December 2005 at 13:37 Anonymous 3071 wrote...

craig david's cover of 'come together' was amazing. especially the bit where he laid down some phat rhymes in the middle.




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