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Montauk by Xi

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Reviewed on 3rd January 2006.



By Xi

Rock music. It's not that simple these days. Like a supermarket that has so much variety it's hard to know what to get, rock music has so many flavours, it's hard to pin down which flavour of rock music is rock music these days. Fortunately Xi have managed across these 2 songs to squeeze more or less every denomination of rock music into their rock music, excepting Norwegian Death Metal. But what of the songs themselves? Let us investigate...

Montauk - Daz's vocals give us sniffs of James Dean Bradfield, the Hawkins boy from The Darkness and are delivered with beef. Big riffs are also present, as are solid rhythm and pleasing synths. The story seems simple enough - boy is going out with girl, he does summat wrong, although we don't really find out what, but the smack across the chops looks pretty realistic enough to me and they split up. Boy is not happy and festers in his own muck - we've all been through it, eh lads? But just who is that shadowy figure following the band? Is it her? Could it be, or is it the evil Kind? You'll have to take my word for it... it's a surprise. Or is it?

Chains - is a lot more straight forward - a big riffed, 3 minute power rock tune that Xi can knock out in their sleep.

As an added bonus there is some extra web gubbins to look at, but of course, the link is in the DVD. Purchasing may help you out...

Summing up then - not at all bad - it's rock music and good rock music.



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On 4th January 2006 at 09:12 Anonymous 3471 wrote...

"...but the smack across the chops looks pretty realistic enough to me and they split up."

No acting required on that slap. What you are seeing there is take 4/4. A loud ringing started in my ear on impact and there it stayed for two days. Raw footage of the slaps should be on the special site soon!

Cheers for the review Dave. Good stuff. x



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