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Twelve by ˇForward, Russia!

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Reviewed on 16th January 2006.



By ˇForward, Russia!

Fast becoming THE British band to namedrop amongst Britain's indie intelligentsia, ˇForward, Russia! represent the new bastions of British art rock. For the uninitiated, ˇFR! wear matching t-shirts on stage, name their songs after the order in which they were written and play splendiferous new-wave electric punk noise that manages the impossible of being dark and foreboding, yet beautiful and uplifting - all at the same time. In short they are absolutely awesome and are justifiably garnering much attention across the country.

For this, their second single the band have even ordained to print the lyrics this time, so we can finally decipher what singer Tom is screaming about so wondrously over the band's white noise genius. What we get is a punch a hole in sky anthem that already promises to be one of the singles of 2006.

It is almost difficult to attach enough hyperbole to the Russians. They're wonderfully imaginative songwriters who infuse tonnes of energy into every single second of every single song. They are awesome live and to top it of they seem to keep getting better and better. This reviewer is so impressed he plans to start a nationwide campaign to get this single blasted into space alongside a copy of the Mona Lisa and the works of Shakespeare as an indication to any potential extra-terrestrials of what life is like on planet earth.

Deserves to shoot to the top of the nations charts at the speed of light and stay there until the sun swells up and explodes, taking this wonderful record, and all of this crazy inhabitants with it.



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On 17th January 2006 at 15:34 Anonymous 4117 wrote...

So... did you like it or not?


On 17th January 2006 at 18:21 Anonymous 4705 wrote...

could your nose be wedged any further up their over-hyped arses????


On 17th January 2006 at 19:56 Anonymous 481 wrote...

Isn't this their third single? I thought they did the split with This Et Al on dttr, then 13/14 on White Heat, making this number three? Stop me if I'm wrong.


On 17th January 2006 at 22:14 Dave LMS wrote...

I'd say second single myself, I wouldn't include Nine really myself, but you could say third yeah.


On 18th January 2006 at 15:17 Anonymous 5195 wrote...

Twat Face,

I haven't read it, but can imagine exactly how it will go. I agree they are over rated.


On 18th January 2006 at 15:56 Anonymous 3071 wrote...

seriously guys i dont think this is the place to slag bands off. this is for comments about the review. theres a forum for slating people


On 18th January 2006 at 21:20 Anonymous 4877 wrote...

I don't interpret Mr Wolf's comment as slagging off. This section is called 'your shout' and he expressed his opinion about the band. I don't agree with him but fair enough methinks.


On 18th January 2006 at 22:23 Anonymous 4717 wrote...

AHHHHH -- my shout (im sorry)


On 19th January 2006 at 23:49 Anonymous 4877 wrote...

poor...very poor.


On 19th January 2006 at 23:50 Anonymous 4877 wrote...

not forward russia...they are truely the topper most of the popper most.

BenDaure. Hang your comedy head in shame.


On 20th January 2006 at 00:47 Anonymous 4717 wrote...

My bad but someone had to do it



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