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The Man Who Makes Volcanoes by Plasticine

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Reviewed on 6th February 2006.


The Man Who Makes Volcanoes

By Plasticine

Describing yourself as the sort of band journalists hate to write about because you are so genre defying is equivalent to tying up a lamb in front of a lion... you really ought to know what is coming next. In fact Plasticine are quite easy to write about, certainly easier than they are to listen to. Producer Stephen Fox makes a superb job of the production but his saccharin vocals are better suited to a stage musical than a rock band, at best sounding like Alison Moyet and at worse like Michael Crawford fronting INXS. Frankly they are hard to get away from and just as Michael Hutchins used to employ that "I really mean it when I say baby" tactic to add emotion, they are fairly soulless. Plasticine go through the motions of sounding like a traditional pop/rock band but by the end of it all you won't care. Like Savage Garden everything is too pretty, too clinical, lacking humility and so middle of the road you could use them to paint the lines while they were there. Songs like "Never Trust the Angels" will have you banging your head against the wall and "The King of Hollywood" is so pompous it's quite impressive. Rarely has such quality production been so misdirected.



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On 7th February 2006 at 12:27 Anonymous 5388 wrote...

I cant comment on this actual cd as i havent heard it yet, But i have had a CD co-produced by Steve and Dave at cherry tree studios. I have to say they are a joy to work with. I would recommend them to any to any band wanting to start recording.


On 19th February 2006 at 19:11 Anonymous 5455 wrote...

I am a relatively new fan of this band and have two things to say: Firstly I have listened to the CD and seen the band play live several times and, from their reception at gigs, I know I am not alone in thinking that these guys are extremely talanted.
Secondly - LMS are VERY mistaken in saying plasticine describe THEMSELVES as "the sort of band journalists hate to write about etc etc". I've seen these words are on the band's flyers but they are part of a quote from a really favourable review of a previous album - Renewal.
Shall we guess who wrote the review??? Yep - leeds music scene in 2000!
I suggest you do your research before you begin dear reviewer!!


On 19th February 2006 at 19:19 Dave LMS wrote...

Did the band go by a different name in 2000? Reason I ask is because this is the first ever review of Plasticine on LMS.


On 19th February 2006 at 19:20 Dave LMS wrote...

And we've never reviewed a CD called "Renewal" by any band, let alone Plasticine.


On 19th February 2006 at 19:32 Anonymous 5455 wrote...

They've been around for a while, but I wouldn't know about previous names. Their press material definitely says Leeds Music Scene at the bottom of that review though. Maybe it was earlier than 2000 - Renewal is from 1997 or so i think. Maybe it was another of their albums - Freedom perhaps? - which is also ace by the way.


On 19th February 2006 at 19:51 Anonymous 5456 wrote...

I was forced to listen to the cd by my girlfriend and have to say on first listen, I wasn't so keen. It is a bit samey, bit tame and no real sense that they'll just let themselves go and ROCK ON!
But i recently saw them live at Royal Park Cellars and I was positively blown away.
These guys are seriously talented and The Man who makes Volcanoes does not do them justice. I rocked all night to some fantastic music and shouted for more when the last song came. 2571 ends with a manic meltdown of instruments and they played some older stuff like "damaged" and "trailer park" that really grabbed me.
Seeing them, I would never have thought they were the same band who produced that album. I think there's a conflict of interests within the band - the lead singer seems to identify with the emotional girlie stuff and the lead guitarist clearly just wants to let go and rock out. Their drummer, by the way, is phenomenal.
This band's only fault seems to be in trying to crack the mainstream with their album and not having the courage to get their less middle of the road stuff out there.
If you get a chance to see them live, I would.


On 19th February 2006 at 20:02 Dave LMS wrote...

Cheers s11mor - we started CD reviews in 2000 so it won't have been before then. Couldn't find a "Freedom" review either for any band. But thanks for coming back to add more... there was another music site around that sprung up around that time called "Leeds Music", I wonder if it was on there. It's now gone though.


On 20th February 2006 at 15:12 Anonymous 5455 wrote...

After some research I discovered that the words are from a review in Backbeat magazine(?) in 1997 and the reviewer was a man called Gavin from "Leeds Music". So you're right Dave - my mistake that it was you guys. I just felt very strongly about the start of the LMS review and wanted to clarify that the band would never had said that about themselves - these guys are really down to earth and have no illusions of granduer. They just like making music - and however it is received is fair enough. Just wanted the facts right.


On 20th February 2006 at 16:07 Dave LMS wrote...

Ah yes, Backbeat - an excellent print magazine. Certainly 1997 predates both LMS and "Leeds Music" websites. Leeds Music sprung up for less than a year in around 2000. Not sure who Gavin will have been in 1997. Thanks again, certainly clears stuff up. Backbeat sadly came to an end a few years ago, although you can find its creator in Sandman (primarily doing photography). Thanks!



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