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Give Me A Wall by ˇForward, Russia!

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Reviewed on 14th May 2006.


Give Me A Wall

By ˇForward, Russia!

Choose life. Choose chaos. Choose beauty. Choose frantic guitars crashing into mountains of shouts. Choose mind-splitting blasts of intergalactic synth. Choose a bass to tear your intestines out. Choose a confusion of brutal drums and her girlish vocals. Choose exclamation marks. Choose throwing your friends into the sweat-drenched black voids by the ceiling. Choose snapping your limbs against buckling barriers. Choose feral, ferocious splutters of soaring melody. Choose chucking your guts up with fear and euphoria. Choose strobe lighting. Choose electricity. Choose black lashings of wire wrapped round your throat like a boa constrictor. Choose arteries screaming with the speed of hot blood. Choose to short-circuit your spine and hook it up to a pylon. Choose insane laughter, rolling eyes, sopping bodies, complete affirmation. Choose another world of sound. Choose life. Choose ˇForward, Russia!.

Choose a number. Choose 'Fifteen Part I', like someone just pressed the red button marked 'APOCALYPSE' and great massive chunks of burning planet and shrapnel came shooting towards your eyes. Choose 'Nineteen', like pulsing blips sang out into black skies. Choose 'Sixteen', like a sliding descent past gorgeous harmonies and sprawling views at sundown into a vicious, thrashing hell.

Choose a cauldron of futures, histories, terror, awe, Incredibly Fucking Loud shafts of inexplicable noise and soft seconds of quiet calm. Choose lyrics shifting from psychotic gobbledegook to tenderness. Choose dedication, choose thirst, choose violence; choose love, choose belief, choose eleven visionary tracks of bastardised power. Choose a fantastic achievement of a record. Choose 'Give Me A Wall'. Choose May 15th, 2006. Choose 'buy'.



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On 14th May 2006 at 20:24 Anonymous 13 wrote...



On 14th May 2006 at 23:28 Anonymous 5619 wrote...

That's some art-journalism right there. mmmmm Monday...ˇ!


On 15th May 2006 at 11:04 Anonymous 5563 wrote...

That was one of the most pretensious, self-indulgent reviews I've ever read. Lauren Strain, you are SERIOUSLY OVERRATED! Get over yersen!


On 15th May 2006 at 12:07 Dave LMS wrote...

I really enjoyed reading this review ... as I do with all of Lauren's work. It is no surprise to me that her name is springing up more and more across a variety of web and print media.


On 15th May 2006 at 12:11 Anonymous 5691 wrote...

The album is amazing, not sure about the review though


On 20th May 2006 at 01:39 Anonymous 5708 wrote...

Fuck me, what sort of cunting review is that? At least tell me something, anything, about them.


On 20th May 2006 at 02:06 Dave LMS wrote...

I suggest you read it again dear. Pretty much every single sentence described the CD and its music. Maybe you didn't understand, but it's in English and rather easy to comprehend.


On 21st May 2006 at 02:48 Anonymous 5709 wrote...

choose bollocks!! are you kidding me!
this music isn't bad but the way some people talk about it makes it out to be something it clearly isn't!
interesting, different. that about sums it up. but alot of people in leeds think the same these days, believe what they read or what they're told. and do or say whatever they think they should to be perceived as 'cool'. the truth is there is hardly anything cool in leeds, especially forward russia and the like. music in this city was good when the likes of the music were roaming free. but as popularity among wannabes has grown, credibility has sunk! long live the truth and realism!


On 29th May 2006 at 14:07 Anonymous 1227 wrote...

"forward russia and the like" - who are 'like' forward russia would you say, out of curiosity?


On 1st June 2006 at 12:40 Anonymous 5311 wrote...

So er... what do they sound like?

I read it twice Dave, and I'm clueless.

Fortunately I've heard them for myself previously. I didn't like it though...

To the comment about "the last good thing out of Leeds was the Music" - can I have some of your drugs please, they're obviously better than mine.

A fancy guitar pedal does not make an average sixth form band good. Especially when they look like complete gimps when they're walking around Jacksons in Kippax with deerstalker hats on.

There's a lot of good music in Leeds at the moment, its just a shame most of it gets neglected, and the same old bands get reviewed time and time again.

Its also a shame that the journalism is allowed (and even defended) to be so non-descriptive about the music.

Whats going on?


On 3rd June 2006 at 10:43 Anonymous 4015 wrote...

I think it's important to realise that Lauren's review perfectly recreates the feeling you get upon first listening to the album. No, really, it's true. It's a crazy, obscure mish-mash of styles, yelps and dischords thrown at you second after second - and you know it shouldn't work, but...

Personally I'm tired of reading the same "This band are quite good. Track one sounds like this. Track two sou..." reviews. Extremely large hats off to Lauren for trying out something a little different, and showcasing an extremeley recognisable, personal style. Kudos!


On 4th June 2006 at 02:41 Anonymous 5619 wrote...




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