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Reviewed on 18th May 2006.



By The Invention

The Invention are a lovable bunch of lads armed with all the weapons a band needs to survive nowadays: a vocalist; guitarist; bassist; and drummer. The title-track is catchy sure, but I can't help thinking I've heard it all before. In the 80s it was pop; the 90s acid house; and today Indie rules. A fact The Invention need to act upon and fast. They have the songwriting skills and musicianship there, lying in waiting however perhaps it is the craftsmanship at fault here; for the essential ingredients are all there and now The Invention just need to find their niche like the Arctic Monkeys did, no-one had done it like that before. Getting it lads?

During the three-day recording session that resulted in this two-track EP maybe the band realised what I've just written with the second song 'Bloodshot': an apt enough title as the listening experience is quite painful in itself... however not quite in the way I had hoped. The guys go for a more dance-y sound, well when I say that they try to sound like The Cut and erm, fail. Music makes girls dance; but not when it's by The Invention. A dancefloor clearer undoubtedly.

I don't like being brutal; it isn't what I do so I shall end with some sound advice to The Invention: stop aspiring to sound like others in the same genre and find a niche of your own. This statement has been proven true by a little-known Sheffield outfit and well no-one alive ever says Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys now, do they?



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On 19th May 2006 at 13:35 Anonymous 5704 wrote...

This track won XFM unsigned track of the week on XFM (N01 Alternative music radio station in London if you've never been out of Leeds!) So there no way your review does it justice. I guess you must be one of those Faversham regulars who think the only good music that comes from Leeds comes from there.


On 19th May 2006 at 15:28 Anonymous 5705 wrote...

Well we don't normally like to comment in these arenas about our acts but this reviewer really should do some industry and genre research.
We also manage The Cut. I guess everyone in the Leeds/W.Yorkshire area would agree that The Invention are 500% unlike The Cut.
We are currently talking to several labels regarding The Invention and even Industry Lawyers who have expressed an interest in the market potential of the act.
In London, the heart of this industry, The Invention have quite a "buzz" going and we are working very hard to build the profile even further. The A&R community are chatting about the band and their fresh approach to the genre...Indie if you like.
The band's success with independent radio in the city has been applauded and proves their upward trend. I would urge all good music fans in Leeds and surrounding areas to catch The Invention live and see for yourselves.
This is a good website and forum. Keep up the good work and good luck to all the other acts out there. West Yorkshire is a new hotbed of talent.

Stuart Turnbull. manager, Landstar Management.


On 19th May 2006 at 15:52 Dave LMS wrote...

@keano1 - just because a record station declares a song good or on this week's "cool list" does not necessarily make it so, nor does it mean everyone should automatically think it is. Not everyone is a lemming.

Radio One champions cool new songs all the time; I dislike most of them.

I don't understand your swipe at the Fav - it hosts a huge variety of music and so many different genre of bands, musicians and artists.


On 19th May 2006 at 16:31 Dave LMS wrote...

@aardvark - a better reply than that before it. I don't know The Cut, but I enjoy The Invention. I'd call them (in four words) "indie dance funk swagger". I don't know how that might translate to The Cut.

As for A&R and Lawyers and Buzz; you have to be careful not to get burnt and not to make statements before they come to fruition. Of 100 people I've heard write like yours, 99 got burnt and nothing came of it (they looked foolish is what I mean). Just my advice, keep your cards close to you.

Hey, I've managed to get A&R interest and 'buzz' on bands that didn't even exist What I mean is, lots can claim it, those that do usually have little more whilst those that don't shout about it usually end up with the press release at the end of the day.

Good luck to The Invention btw, I've enjoyed what I've seen before.


On 21st May 2006 at 03:10 Anonymous 5709 wrote...

whoa! harsh review. but to be honest it seems like this girl clearly hasn't written much before as she contradicts herself and doesnt actually make any real comments, and as another commenter stated, is clearly part of this trendy faversham entourage.
(if your listening, its a fad and won't last. ha!)
from what i've seen and heard of this band i can say they are very good, maybe a little intimidating, especially amongst leeds current crop. i have heard them compared to music, i can relate to that, there tunes are a similar style but more importantly, the leeds music fanbase have the same attitude to them- the real people enjoy them, the pretentious people run away scared to be told what the latest scene at the faversham is (i know its been said but its true). long live this citys few true hearted artists


On 21st May 2006 at 09:36 Dave LMS wrote...

You know, as soon as people start talking about "real music fans" and dissing everyone that likes music they don't as "scenesters" I switch off and doze because I have no time for people with such arrogant ignorance ...


btw, this reply in a joint reply to both your recent comments (on this and the FR thread) mr "I just signed up with a joke name to make some cheap shots" (btw, I have access to suggest you're in The Invention myself). You're fine to have an opinion like this, have your shot at people in Leeds that like all kinds of music, and disappear off with your pseudonym as quick as you arrived.

I just find such a holier-than-thou attitude very childish, immature and totally ignorant myself.

It sucks even more if it comes from the band under a false name.

btw - knowing Maria, that's two of you that have now totally misjudged her with your "oh she must be a scenester because she doesn't like this band" attitude. Get over yourselves, enjoy what you like, and just appreciate others don't necessarily like what you do. Pah.


On 21st May 2006 at 15:48 Anonymous 3193 wrote...

Note to self: moaning about a bad review on LMS makes the effect 10 times as bad, compared to just accepting it and moving on.


On 29th May 2006 at 14:05 Anonymous 1227 wrote...

"trendy Faversham entourage"

What the bejesus does that mean?

Surely the Faversham is a venue that puts bands on - and fans of said bands turn up to watch said gigs. Ergo - the venue's patrons when a band are on are the band's fans.

Are you suggesting that somehow the people that go to the Faversham can be pigeonholed?



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