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Bronze Demo by Vatican Jet

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Reviewed on 13th July 2006.


Bronze Demo

By Vatican Jet

Vatican Jet are a bit special. Verging on special needs special perhaps, but special nevertheless. Opener 'Olio' (a 'spiced stew' according to the dictionary, might be relevant, might be not) is a completely detached from the realms of normality, nearing on the pompous indie opera tale, culminating in a soaring Pavarotti-esque roar. It is a tune of plenty. The hand crafted demo goes on to encompass all the best parts of the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Mystery Jets to create a rousing example of the fact unique indie music is still out there to be found. The lyrics are no doubt more than a bit tongue in cheek, with the likes of "No hippies at the shops / no trackies at the bus stop / in my fantasy everybody better look like me" in 'Yobs' and "The drunk tanks are full of broken hearts" on the drink-to-forget anthem of '100% Pain'.

On the evidence of these four tracks, Vatican Jet are armed with some great songs. All very promising stuff.



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On 14th July 2006 at 08:36 Anonymous 5071 wrote...

just wondering, but isnt the first track called "A OLeeO", and also a cover? and the other track called "110% Pain" as opposed to a mere 100%?


On 14th July 2006 at 12:42 Anonymous 5619 wrote...

Just looking at the tracklisting now:
1. Olio
2. Yobs
3. 110% Pain
4. Plan B (single version)

There was no PR, could be a cover, whoooo knows...


On 19th July 2006 at 11:33 Anonymous 5819 wrote...

Cheers for the review, a few things to add...

Olio was originally called 'A O-Lee-O' and was written by Kay Thornton, to be sung by Andy Williams (the 60s crooner who also sang 'Moon River' and 'Music to watch Girls By').

I found the original on a rare piece of vinyl and we have reworked the music into its VJ-flavoured rockabilly/jazz/indie incarnation.

It is basically a homage to Andy Williams, a personal hero of mine. Sorry u never got a P.R., i didn't even know LMS were reviewing it to be honest!

the other songs on Bronze are all 100% VJ!!!!

sorry for any confusion, but thanks for yr support peeps!



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