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Let's Hear It For The B List Celebrities by Crimson Tide

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Reviewed on 3rd August 2006.


Let's Hear It For The B List Celebrities

By Crimson Tide

I was somewhat bemused when I heard read the name of this band and wondered idly if they are aware that (thanks to the 1995 hit movie Clueless) the name of their band is in fact a euphemism for menstruation. After checking out their myspace it became apparent that they are probably completely aware of their pseudo faux pas and all thoughts of showing any kind of sensitivity towards this tosh went right out the window. Teenage boys sniggering and nudging each other when people talk about periods is not cool and shredded the last inch of respect I might have had for them picking up their gee-tars and having a bash.

First things first let us rip off the plaster in one fluid, quick and painful motion. The lead singer, Ben Flockton can not sing. At all. If I have to listen to kids from Beeston wishing they were American, it could at least be in tune so I can concentrate on what the hell they are shouting at me. The bassist Dave used to sing vocals, I say let him have a go as he certainly can't do any more damage than his mate.

The songs aren't totally terrible but they aren't far off. In our current emo saturated times they are going to have do a lot better than this. The opening track Time To Sing has a pretty good intro, but 10 seconds in descends into the kind of screaming last heard in crappy horror film Hostel and like said "masterpiece", it's totally gratuitous. The rest of the song alternates between pointless shrieking and whiny lyrics. Who knows if the lyrics are any good as you can't help playing spot the bum note, which incidentally is a game which keeps the listener pretty busy. The last 20 seconds of the song actually manage to approach something honest and heartfelt but I should think so too considering the raucous assault your ears have just experienced. (As their music is clearly written to offend, the band are likely to interpret this as a compliment - it is not.)

Watching Sunsets was a welcome surprise after the previous nonsense. It has occasional moments of sweetness and an overall emotive tone however without so much noise to distract you, the lead's tuneless vocals are ever more apparent.

The title track Let's Hear It For The B List Celebrities is more of the same screeching quasi American crap and due to the song title is possibly some sort of searing social comment on our celebrity obsessed times but in between squinting at the screaming and wincing every time someone missed a note I just didn't have the energy to try and decipher them.

Silhouettes in the Sky is the last track on the EP and definitely the best of the 4. It has a dreamy feel and contains a hint of a melody but the wistful vocals sound ill at ease with the roaring guitars and ultimately like the rest of the of the tracks highlights a lack of experience, sensitivity and originality. Sorry Boys.



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On 3rd August 2006 at 22:48 Dave LMS wrote...

I've just listened to the three songs on the band's MySpace page.

I actually don't mind the music at all, and at times I was thinking 'yeah, this is all right'. Nor did I mind whoever it was that was "shrieking". Altogether, that side of the songs was ok to me.

I could (would) probably listen to it again and not feel inclined to switch off -in fact I didn't first time through.

But I have to admit there are times where the main vocals/vocalist was seriously putting me off listening. Which is disappointing, given I was generally ok with the music I was listening to.

To be fair there are also times when the vocals are ok.

However -and sadly- because of this, I would concur with Suzie's overall conclusion, and despite any positive glimmers the vocals don't really work for me either.



On 4th August 2006 at 00:50 Anonymous 3235 wrote...

Fair enough, each to their own i guess. Thanks for taking time to write the review.



On 8th August 2006 at 12:46 Anonymous 5874 wrote...

Ooo! Very harsh! I think you're being a bit mean in this review, listening to four songs on a band's first ep doesnt qualify you to judge whether the lead singer can or can not sing! I'm sure saying such a mean thing meant nothing to you, but maybe next time consider the consequences of your words on a teenage boy. And before you mention the two little words 'constructive' and 'criticism', there is nothing at all constructive about what you said.
Fair enough if you don't like the band, or their style of music, but making personal comments about the area where they live, whether they are aware of the inneuendo of their name, etc, is neither professional nor mature.
Basically, I don't think you gave Crimson Tide a fair chance, you don't appear to be very open minded about your musical tastes. so maybe next time avoid reviewing music styles you have already decided you hate, instead of bitching about them.
PS. Where were you when they headlined the Cockpit on Saturday?


On 8th August 2006 at 12:52 Dave LMS wrote...

"I think you're being a bit mean in this review, listening to four songs on a band's first ep doesnt qualify you to judge whether the lead singer can or can not sing!"

... of course it does! If the band didn't want to be judged they shouldn't have sent in the CD. And if a singer cannot prove he can sing in four songs, how many songs do you suggest it should take?

And what relevence in the world does headlining at the Cockpit have?

As I said I like the tunes myself, and like the second vocalist (the one that screams!) but agree with the reviewer that to my ears the singer occasionally loses it. And this makes the overal opinion of the band lower. Which is sad, because generally I enjoyed what I listened to.


On 9th August 2006 at 13:09 Anonymous 5767 wrote...

Oh for gods sake. I've just about had enough of this. I'll say to this young lady what I said to the sneaky little lead singer when he emailed me in private on myspace instead of in the public arena of this website. If you don't want other peoples opinions - DON'T SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC FOR REVIEW. I said nothing personal about Beeston, (I happen to work in Beeston) it was merely an observation.
Of course I'm open minded about all musical styles - I write reviews, I'd end up sawing off my ears if I wasn't. My personal tastes (I'm assuming that being a fan of the band you too have been snooping around my myspace) have no relation whatsoever to fact that the lead singer can't sing and the lyrics are under developed and lack originality. Just like Crimson Tide have a right to defend themselves and what they wrote, so do I. And as for John being a teenager - so what. If he wants to make a career out of music he's gonna have to take criticism every day. So I'd hope that he would listen to what I said and get back inside his vocal range. I am only one person and not every review is going to be a goodun so just get used to it and grow up.


On 9th August 2006 at 13:20 Anonymous 5767 wrote...

And I was at Unity Day on Saturday - supporting local bands, so get off your high horse.


On 9th August 2006 at 14:10 Anonymous 5287 wrote...

I only have one thing to say.


I'm in the relatively new Leeds band the High Chairs, and most of the time we can't even bribe reviewers to come down with free entry and free beer!

A bad review? Oh man, we'd kill for one of those....

Have a good one



On 13th August 2006 at 19:31 Anonymous 1205 wrote...

erm, dont speak for all us reviewers.....
I'll come review you for free beer!

Aslong as you aint a jazz band.

Email me.



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