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www.mickypkerr.co.uk / Dreamers Club by Micky P Kerr

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Reviewed on 13th November 2006.


www.mickypkerr.co.uk / Dreamers Club

By Micky P Kerr

Micky P Kerr took the decision leave popular local Leeds act Jack Afro just after the band released their debut single on 1965 Records. Double A-side 'www.mickypkerr.co.uk / Dreamers Club' is his first solo outing and shows just what he's been up to since departing a band potentially on the cusp of commercial success.

First track www.mickypkerr.co.uk is a self-obsessed yet humorous ode to living the life of a rock n roll star. With an ego bigger than a Zepher, Kerr takes a tongue-in-cheek/deluded (delete as appropriate) stab at his own fame with tales of pop star strops, groupie blow jobs and jacking-in the office job.

Spelling out his web address at every available opportunity the track becomes a funked-up yet twisted combination of Collapsed Lung ("Eat My Goal!") covering Liberty X ("L to the I to the B to the E to R to the T Y") and culminates in Kerr squeezing his own name into everyday words and names - PoKerr, SmoKerr, Challenge AnneKerr, Gary LineKerr and even WanKerr.

While all being thoroughly entertaining, even managing to bring a wry smile to your reviewer's miserable face, it does leave a funny taste in the mouth when you begin to wonder just how self-obsessed someone needs to be to write such a song. Appreciated, it's all in the name of comedy, but there is a line and Kerr is only a wisp of an afro hair from crossing it.

By comparison follower Dreamers Club is tame. An acoustic number hinting at being the Mac's 'Landslide' but quickly becoming a variation of Crosby, Stills and Nash's 'Our House' (also see recent hits along similar lines from the likes of The Feeling) Dreamers Club is a call to arms to other 'dreamers' who, like Kerr, should ignore the doubters and carry on 'keeping it real'.

Filled with some weak Gallagher-esque lyrics and tied to an uninspired chord structure, the song is momentarily saved from the 'off' switch by some surprisingly beautiful, looping harmonies before I actually decide to keep it real myself by hitting the big black square on iTunes and heading downstairs to watch X-Factor.

The simple problem for me here is that after such a brash opening fanfare Kerr simply fails to back up his claims to greatness, providing us with what is a pretty average song for a double A-side title track.

In fairness this isn't a bad stab at a solo effort but, if Kerr wants to keep his inflated opinion of himself 'real' for much longer, he's going to have to improve on the material on show here.



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On 14th November 2006 at 11:18 Anonymous 3358 wrote...

Dreamer's Club is an ace tune.

You're a tool Wolfo


On 14th November 2006 at 11:48 Anonymous 6054 wrote...

If I ever needed confirmation of my assertions on 'Dreamers Club' then you've just given them to me.

Thank you Mike.



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