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Tin Foil Dreams by The Echo

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Reviewed on 24th May 2007.


Tin Foil Dreams

By The Echo

With a name as unimaginative and generic as The Echo it is perhaps no surprise that the accompanying soundtrack offers very little in the way of innovation. MySpace has provided us with the perfect tool for measuring invention in terms of band names... just search for "The Echo" and watch the search results rack up. Can you imagine the legal battle that would ensue? The term Pop/Rock was never more relevant for the dated sound on offer here. Think Richard Ashcroft meets The Seahorses and The Bluetones and sprinkle in some tinkly bar-room piano and you're there. It's well played, mixed and constructed, but boy is it dull. Opener "Take Me Down" has all the swagger of a carefully constructed "River Island" window display and feels like the Coral with all the interesting kinks ironed out. There is some joy though with the soulful acoustic number "Morning TV" which has a vibe similar to that of Mancunians I Am Kloot. Title track "Tin Foil Dreams" is a pretty unsubtle stab at tackling the weighty subject of drug addiction but the message gets lost in the melodrama of it all. A half decent play out marginally rescues the issue seeing the band shed their more traditional stylings for the first time.



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On 25th May 2007 at 17:50 Anonymous 6599 wrote...

I think the reviwer is talking out of his balloon knot!! I would be interested to know his musical tastes as I would also be interested to hear similar current bands that sound like The Echo. I think you will find that there are few. The CD for me is well constructed, has interesting songs and the most important thing is great to listen to.


On 25th May 2007 at 17:54 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

I haven't seen the review... Was it bad!!!


On 25th May 2007 at 18:01 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

Oh yeah, just seen it. It was bad!

To be fair, this Garnett lad has done loads of reviews, think prob more than most on here, so I reckon his tastes will be pretty widespread.

Next time you send out for a review, speak to who handles things and make sure you get it to the right reviewer (someone who knows your style) if thats what ya worried about.


On 25th May 2007 at 19:10 Dave LMS wrote...

Rick has a very wide taste in music and the ability to write objectively about a lot of genre.

You can view his past contributions on the site through his writer profile (click his name at the top of the review).


On 25th May 2007 at 20:54 Anonymous 6601 wrote...

I totally disagree with you. The Echo are amazing and never disappoint me. I cannot think of any other band that sounds like them. They are unique.
Maybe if you saw them live you would change your mind as that is most definitely where they are at their best.


On 26th May 2007 at 15:31 Anonymous 5641 wrote...

But this is a review on their recorded work ??? Regardless of what their like live. You don't get extra credit for a CD review because your live performances are good. Quite the opposite "Fails to live up to their live performances" is one of the biggest coined phrases in CD reviews.


On 30th May 2007 at 11:39 Anonymous 6607 wrote...

Despite a referral to shop windows, the unimaginative name of the band and the disrespect towards 5 passionate musicians that took up a majority of the CD review. I noticed it got a 5 out of 10 and comparisons to some popular musicians (some I don't agree with but hey). I'd rather see mention of sexy vocals, relentless drums, pouting bass artists, cost, artwork on the CD but I am a woman who wants it all.
Onwards.. Sam Woodings is clearly massively talented and would be put to good use in a bar, but perhaps more use on a grand piano alongside Bert Jansch? http://www.bertjansch.com/
The Echo CD is well crafted. All evidently worked hard to produce something to be proud of. There are 6 alternative songs for 4.99 on Tin Foil Dreams! That is hours of blood sweat and tears for support / critisim as per the individual who chooses to buy it.
Royal Vendetta or The Feeling aren't my cuppa tea. I would still buy, listen to and support them, respectfully give an opinion if asked. I could never do what they do, but maybe that is why I am not a CD reviewer, because I am not a musician?

Re the 'have you seen them live' comment .. I say record T'Echo live on a new EP/CD for those who can't make a gig .. encourage your audience to buy a copy in support alongside The Avenues or another unsigned Leeds band and review them! If it isn't your bag, avoid the personal trumpet blowing and appreciate what all bands do. Work darn hard.


On 30th May 2007 at 16:57 Anonymous 30 wrote...

If I had shown "disrespect towards 5 passionate musicians" I wouldn't have bothered taking the time to listen to the CD and giving it an honest review.

If all you want is glowing reviews and write ups by people who already know and love the band then it is easily arranged. If someone does not agree with your opinion it does not make them a bad person. Having reviewed over 400 CDs for this site I am certainly no expert but I have been able to discover what I like and what I don't. So you have every right to post your comments and disagree with me, but don't for one minute assume I have some malice of fore thought because you are entirely wrong. Good luck to the band and their fans.


On 31st May 2007 at 12:37 Anonymous 6607 wrote...

I agree good luck to the band.

I didn't say you are bad person for having an opinion. You look lovely in your profile picture, but I don't judge on looks either!

I can't take back the word disrespect on account you listened to some CD's and gave your opinion, it may have created the wrong vibe though.

I thought your review was based on your opinion which I don't like, but that is just my opinion. You gave me a chance to comment on this site.

I didn't send you anything for review so I don't want biased reviews for anyone. I am a music fan. With a copy of the same CD!

I appreciate you took the time to listen to The Echo CD and to me and sparked this whole thing off. You wouldn't get this kinda entertainment in River Island shop windows..

I doubt the band took offence, they play because they love to like all other bands and probly just feel glad not everyone thinks they lack innovation. If they have looked since your review!



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The Echo are a group of musicians and songwriters descending from various backwaters across Northern England. With its Americana twist and tequila-toting atmosphere The Echo conjure a cinematic live sound.

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