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La Charge by Michael Rossiter

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Reviewed on 10th July 2007.


La Charge

By Michael Rossiter

Solo or with the Folk Theatre Partisans, Michael Rossiter does good work round the Leeds acoustic scene and beyond. He's very able with a guitar, worth taking notice of with a banjo and can sing well enough, even though his voice doesn't always do everything he asks of it. That makes this a bit of a puzzle, especially for how the three songs are positioned - because the best of Rossiter is often the balladeer or shantyman, whereas when he turns reflective in manner the voice may be more reluctant to fly. Yet it's in such a style this CD gets underway, with a song almost hidden under its own accompaniment. Things pick up enormously after that with 'Katie Morey' and even more so with the short, live, and much better-produced 'Jack Went A-Sailing' which gives us the Michael Rossiter who'd catch us walking by and have us going inside for more.



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On 11th July 2007 at 10:24 Anonymous 6701 wrote...

2.5 seems a tad harsh. I honestly think the betrayed maiden and Katie Morey are truly great songs.

I can see what the reviewer means about the vocals needing to be higher, but theres a certain beauty in the arrangements that shine through anyway.

I probably would have gone for 4/5 personally.

Miss Mike play at your peril!



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