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Melody In Mind by Eris

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Reviewed on 2nd August 2007.


Melody In Mind

By Eris

Groove Rock? What's that then? Unpleasant... yes but more accurately it's a watered down Chilli Peppers ala The Spin Doctors. Eris can't get enough of it mind you and this is as soulless, white and middle-class as "funk-rock" can get. It's about as funky as a library and the rather laboured lyrics... well they labour quite frankly. Ten years ago there would have been eyebrows raised about a band still churning out a rather dated formula. So what should the reaction be 10 years after that? Dust off the bunting it's time for a comeback! Just put that bunting back where you found it in Virgin Radio's store cupboard. If you like "groove rock" and there must be more than Eris who do, then this will truly hey-little-thing-light-your-candle as it's proficiently delivered and full of enough guitar widdlin' to mean you will need a new set of strings for that air axe. But if like the rest of the world you pale and shudder at the badly effected "I'm Eddie Vedder and I've got really deep big balls (oh yeah baby)" vocal style on "Grandslam" then you will not be tootling along to catch Eris some time soon.



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On 3rd August 2007 at 10:14 Anonymous 6743 wrote...

Who says constructive criticism is dead eh.

Well at least we get a "if you like music with some funk/groove to it, then we are worth a see"... pretty much like the people in Carpe Diem will have seen last night!

... oh, and what is it that the rest of the world want to listen to. Thought the world was a little more diverse.


On 3rd August 2007 at 10:55 Anonymous 3028 wrote...

To Mr Garnett,

This is nothing to do with Eris, just trying to contact Richard (sorry),

You did a review of my bands first demo CD a while back. We are currently at the mixing stages of our second demo with Carl Rosamond. We're looking to get a review done pretty sharpish as we are launching the CD on 14th September @ Cockpit and want some coverage before hand. Would you be interested in writing a piece if I can get a copy out to you in time once things are complete. Failing that, how about meeting up at the studio for a listen and you can take some notes etc.

Please contact Dave for my email address to let me know either way.




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