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Reviewed on 23rd November 2007.



By The High Chairs

Dan International, Pete, Roj, Simo and T. Any ideas? Yes. You got it. They are The High Chairs. Well done.

Kicking off their self titled disc with '(the secret life of) Mr Jones', it's a well played and sung song about some bloke names Jones. It's a bit of a story, not much of a chorus to talk about though, and the music backing the lyrics seems to be pretty much the same throughout. The backing lyrics are awful, borderline badly funny. The one thing that got me through track one was the fact that one of my best mates is a Jones, so I was thinking about him and his secret life. Fun!

Track two starts with the backing lyrics raising their awful head again. I think if these were taken out, or if the backing vocalist could actually sing out of the lowest ever tone ever heard, it might be worth hearing. Again, not much about the song, a good drum beat backing it. The lyrics aren't amazing once again. The song is over before you know it, but it seems to drag for a lifetime with the backing lyrics.

To be honest, all the songs pretty much sound similar. I like the opening of 'The Time Is Now', it's placid, mellow and sound quite mature, but I'm not as keen when the drums come in and ruin that melodic gracefulness. It's definitely the best song out of the eight, but it would perhaps be better as an acoustic and with no backing lyrics, or different backing lyrics...

The High Chairs are pretty well established on the Leeds scene and no doubt they'll be gaining more fans all the time through live gigs and releasing LPs and singles, but I'm not one of their fans. They aren't terrible, but they need work. Keep going though...



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