Leeds Music Scene was well known for its vast collection of reviews of singles, albums, and demos from Leeds bands and musicians. Here is a selection of those CD reviews.

We've restored the following 1,265 reviews as a permanent archive of our original site.

0800 Ragu - Social Skills
10,000 Things - Foodchain EP
10,000 Things - s/t
10,000 Things - Titanium
30 Day Hex - Black Square : Yellow Square
3milehigh - Cardboard World
4 Letter Holiday - Carefree Demo
4 Letter Holiday - Undecided
5 O'clock Charlie - Find A Place EP
6 Fingered Man - Offering
9 Volt Shot - The Upper Class EP
A Day Left - The pseudo post neo modern avante bassment garden rock EP
A Day Left - Everything Grows Light
A Last Concern - What's The Point In Living If You Don't Feel Alive
A Lot Like Eskimos - Pretty Handsome
AB Negative - Moshy Peas EP
AB Negative - The Upper Crust
Above Them - But Inside I'm Dancing
Above Them - Blueprint For A Better Time
Acacia Avenue - Untitled
Accolade - Something In The Sky
Accolade - Untitled
Accolade - Untitled
Aces & Eights - s/t
Action Directe - Cognitive Dissidents
Adam Killip - 80% Proof
Aeon - Dry
Aeon Scream - Untitled
Ali Whitton - Miracle
Ali Whitton - Kisses/Curses
Ali Whitton and the Broke Record Players - Empty Threats and Recurring Themes
Ali Whitton and the Broke Record Players - A Failed Attempt At Something Worth Saying
All Its Worth - The Golden Spoon Theory EP
All My Friends Are Dead - Untitled
All My Friends Are Dead - Days Of Sleep
All Star 69ers - 568A (demo version)
All Star 69ers - 568A
All Star 69ers - Transition
Allusondrugs - Plasters
Allusondrugs - Nervous
Allusondrugs - Allusondrugs EP
Alyra - Principles of Geology
Amberman - Untitled
And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - ANOTKTWR
Andie Mills - Doh, Ray, Me
Andie Mills - Going Native for Dirty Pictures
Andy Beverley - Swords in the Sunset
Andy Clare - After Everything
Andy Clare - Only in Your Glory
Andyshades & Us - Untitled
Anechoic - Untitled
Anechoic - Subtractive
Anechoic - This is how it is
Anti-depressants - s/t
Aqute Couch - s/t
Armstrong - Can't Go Back
Armstrong - Re:Invent the scene
Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles - Tales From Pegasus Wood.
Authors of Malicious Code - Part 1
Authors of Malicious Code - Part 3
Avoca - Untitled
Baby Food - Posh Filth EP
Back Page First - Set Them On Fire
Backyards - If You're Scared EP
Backyards - Underbank Hall / Quick Release
Bam Bam Francs - Bam Bam You're Dead
Bearfoot Beware - The Elegant Philanthropist
Bearfoot Beware - BASS LANE
Bearfoot Beware - Bruises & Business
Bearfoot Beware - World Owes You Nowt
Beasts - s/t
Beat Route 62 - Untitled
Beautiful Feet - Bedroom Demos
Beautiful Feet - Unfinished Business EP
Beautiful Feet - Something in Mind
Beautiful Feet - Headstrong
Beautiful Feet - Suddenly / I See
Beeker - Summer Fruit
Being 747 - Weather Girl
Being 747 - Swing Ball
Being 747 - Fun and Games
Being 747 - The Girl Who Fell Asleep Whilst Watching Her Life Flash Before Her Eyes
Being 747 - Health & Safety
Being 747 - Shake Your Backbone
Being 747 - Amoeba To Zebra
Benjamin Wetherill - Untitled
Benjamin Wetherill - Woodland Whites & Spring Curls
Benjamin Wetherill - The Derby Ram
Benjamin Wetherill - Laura
Bernard Kelly - Untitled
Berretta - Untitled
Berretta - Untitled
Bifta Smoking Eskimos - The Columbian Cold EP
Black Noise Choir - Cadence
Black Ocean - Black Ocean - EP
Black Wire - Attack! Attack! Attack!
Black Wolf Catch - Crackpot Summer Lodge
Blacklisters - Swords
Blacklisters - Trick F*ck
Blacklisters - Adult
Blah Blah Tin - The Interesting Inept Music Thing
Blue Sky Project - Masquerade EP
Blue Sky Project - Smiles
Blue Sky Project - Fenestrae EP
Blueryder - Untitled
blumone* - We Are ... blumone*
Bobby Six Killer - Assume The Position
Bodixa - Give Me Rain
Bodixa - And They Danced on Glass
Bodixa - Fairytailed
Bodixa - Untitled
Bodixa - Sapphire
Bodixa - California
Bodixa - The Way Back Home
Bonsai Kittens - The Big Laugh Happy Happy Joy Joy Album
Bonsai Kittens - Damn You Evil Women, Damn You!
Bootscraper - Country & Eastern
Bootscraper - Bootscraper
Born Thief - An Inch of Doubt
Borrowed Superstars - Shake
Boy on a Pedestal - Don't Walk Away
Brawlers - Romantic Errors of Our Youth
Brazil - eatitfightitfuckit
Brazil - This is Future-Wave
Brigada Mercy - Recovering Catholic / Roto Chico
British Daylight - British Daylight
British Daylight - Notches On The Bedpost / Out Of Line
Brody - s/t
Brody - Lookaway
Brody - Torn From A Warm Place
Broohaha - EP
Buen Chico - The stylish new sounds of...
Buen Chico - Giving Your Gifts
Buen Chico - Gold from Lead
Buen Chico - Tell 'Em
Buen Chico - Our Love's Enormous
Bujidao - Faith and Fear
Burning Hank - Seriously, It's Getting Us Down Now
Buzzkill - Dog on a Leash
Buzzkill - Double Down
Buzzkill - Driven By Loss
Cactus - Untitled
Callum Macintyre - From Me to You EP
Capital State - Middle Of The Night
Capital State - Revolution Thoughts EP
Capri - Earth Songs
Capri - Boogie Man
Cara Robinson - Keeper Lit
Cardboard Cowboy - The Boxroom Tapes
Cardboard Cowboy - Untitled
Cardboard Cowboy - Untitled
Cardboard Cowboy - Untitled
Cardboard Cowboy - Unload Your Head
Cardboard Cowboy - The Boxroom Tapes Volume 2
Cardboard Cowboy - Shorthand For Love
Cardboard Cowboy - The Boxroom Tapes Volume 3
Carnabells - She's a Rollercoaster
Carnabells - The Ramshackle Rattle
Castrovalva - Untitled
Castrovalva - We Are A Unit
Castrovalva - Thug Poetry
Castrovalva - You're Not In Hell, You're in Purgatory my Friend
Ceiling Demons - The Ceiling Demons EP
Ceiling Demons - Even If
Cha Cha Cohen - All Artists are Criminals
Chambers - Disappear
Chapter Thirteen - Fighting Your Soul EP
Charlie Bath - In Between Happy and Me
Chasing Dragons - Take Flight for a Firefight
ChasinJade - Untitled
Chevron - Anthology 2000
Chevron - Twisted And Fallen
Chichino - It Could Happen To You
Chickenhawk - Untitled
Chickenhawk - Chickenhawk
Chickenhawk - A. Or Not?
Chilli - Broken Hearts
Chilli - Killing Me
China Rats - Deadbeat
Chris Patrick - The Gist
Chris Patrick - Stood Up Sat Down
Chumbawamba - Un
Chunky Butt Funky - Five Reasons To Be Cheerful
Ciaran Hafferty - Untitled
Civil Protection - Stolen Fire
Clone - Untitled
Club Smith - The Loss
Club Smith - The Process
Club Smith - Appetite For Chivalry
Codego - Untitled
Cognoscenti - Untitled
Cognoscenti - The Rise & Rise Of Disco Nouveaux
Colin Mounsey - The Hungry Pig EP
Colin Mounsey - The Panda and Piano EP
Colin Mounsey - Where Did Everything Go So Badly Wrong?
Concrete Bullet - Chemistry
Cope - The Pre-Season EP
Cope - Sky City
Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea
Cosmonaut - Untitled
Cotheria - The Harlequin
Cowtown - Pine Cone Express
Crimson Tide - Let's Hear It For The B List Celebrities
Crooked Tongues - HeadRush
CryBabyCry - Spin City
Curses - Curses
Cut Out Shapes - Sea of Tranquility
Cut Out Shapes - Nightmare
Cut Out Shapes - Cut Out Shapes
Cyanide Pills - Cyanide Pills
Cyvoid - Cyvoid
d-koy - Temperature
d-koy - Nothing is what it seems
Daghdha - Start of the Mile
Dan Schofield - Everything Human
Daniel Clark - British Summertime
Daniel Pearson - Satellites
Daniel Pearson - Wishing Well
Daniel Pearson - Satellites
Daniel Pearson - Mercury State
DanMoFo - Room 101
DanMoFo - Dirty As Gin EP
DanMoFo - 20 goto 10
Danny Cope - The Way I See It
Darwin - Under Supervision
Dave Pilla - Dave Pilla EP
Dave Pilla - More than hoped for EP
David Broad - Untitled
Day Old Hate - Road We Take / Face The World
Daybreakers - The Dawn Approaches
Dead At 27 - Scatter the Shrapnel
Dead Disco - Untitled
Dead Disco - The Treatment
Dead Disco - City Place
Dead Disco - Automatic
Deadwall - Four Songs by Deadwall
Deadwall - Bukimi no Tani
Decoration - Untitled
Decoration - The Thomas Pink Session
Decoration - I tried it, I liked it, I loved it
Decoration - Escape Routine
Decoration - Pine / I Just Froze
Decoration - Candidate / Job In London
Deerpark - It made her look spidery
Department M - Department M
Diawara - Snowfall
Dinosaur Pile-up - Birds and Planes
Dinosaur Pile-up - Mona Lisa
Disasters - Disasters
Divided by Zero - Untitled
Djingo - Diet
Dolores - Untitled
Dolores - s/t
Dolores - Please Note
Double Muscle - Tommy
Down The Machine - Know Your Place
Downdime - Seeds of Hopelessness
Dr Strangemoose - Lay of the Cutlery Shiva
Drat - Brittle Pale Blue EP
Drat - Untitled
Due To Debt - Stealing all the awesome
Duels - The Bright Lights and What I Should Have Learned
Duels - The Barbarians Move In
Dugong - Hat Danko
Dugong - Quick to the City
Dumbsoda - Receding Hairline
Duncan McFarlane Band - Woodshed Boys
Dusty Not Digital - Dead Skies
Dusty Not Digital - Solarise EP
Eden Junction - Day One EP
Edward Molby - Wild Ideas
Edward Molby - The Butcher of Castile
Eighty Six - What's My Problem Today?
Electric Mud Generator - Souls of Infinity
Electric Street Police - Untitled
Electric Street Police - When Machines Hit Back
Elmaroe - Sequences
Elmaroe - Tiny Sounds
Embrace - Gravity EP
Embrace - Ashes
Embrace - Out Of Nothing
Embrace - Nature's Law
Emergencies - We Are The Waves
ENVOYS - Violescent
Envoys - Bliss
Erin's Third Incident - Incidental?
Eris - Melody In Mind
Esper Scout - Illuminate Incinerate
Esper Scout - Gaps in the Border Fence/In Foreign
Esper Scout - Shed Some Light
Esper Scout - Assumpta Tang
Exis - Untitled
Facelift - Untitled
Falconetti - Oceanography
Falconetti - Finisterre
fallaroundhere - 136 Miles EP
Far From The Dance - Untitled
Farming Incident - The Swine Fever Diaries
Farming Incident - Please leave the state in the toilet in which you would wish to find it
Farming Incident - What can you do with a pig's head and sheep's brains?
Farming Incident - The Flute of Shame
Farming Incident - Our Glorious Five Year Plan
Feldspar - Bright Day
Felix Leiter - Lighter Than Leiter
Fieldhead - They Shook Hands For Hours
Fifth Goodbye - In Amber EP
Fifth Goodbye - This Is My Impression EP
Fighting Caravans - Beasts of England
FineApple - A New Hope EP
FineApple - The Good Stuff
Finka - Untitled
Finka - The Whistleblower EP
Finka - The Runner EP
Five Mile Island - Untitled
Five Mile Island - Satellites
Flipside - Untitled
Fossil Collective - Honey Slides
Fossil Collective - Let It Go
Fossil Collective - Tell Where I Lie
Fountainhead - Footprints in the Sand
four day Hombre - The First Word is the Hardest
four day Hombre - Mr M
four day Hombre - 1000 Bulbs
four day Hombre - The First Word Is The Hardest
four day Hombre - Experiments in Living
four day Hombre - Fight Death
Four Planes in Four Days - s/t
Fran Rodgers - Let The Rain Fall
Fran Rodgers - I Fell To You Under Winter Sun
Fran Rodgers - The Green Room
Frankie Eisenhower - Untitled
Fulc - Void EP
Fulc - The Fallen EP
Fulc - Biting Insomnia
Fulc - Embrace.Destroy
Fungal Ashtray - Extended Play
future sons of rome - Paroxysm
Galitza - Laugh Like A Horse EP
Galitza - Do You See? Do You?
Galitza - The Flame of Flames
Garon Shark - Mods N Rockers
Gary Stewart - Mr Gary Stewart & The Tin Foil Collective
Georgia Thursting - Midnight Games
Glaciers - An Excellent Field Geologist
Glass Mountain - Glacial EP
Glissando - With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards the Burning Sea
Glissando - Live - London 20.12.08
goad - Untitled
Gobi Wolves - Untitled
Graceadelica - On EP
Grammatics - The Shipping Forecast
Grammatics - Shadow Committee
Grammatics - D.I.L.E.M.M.A.
Grammatics - New Franchise
Grammatics - The Vague Archive
Grammatics - Double Negative
Grammatics - Krupt
Grannys4skin - Inventing The Pildo EP
Grimper - Straight out with the Worcesters
Hail Animator - Days For These Nights
Hail Animator - We Live In Boxes
Hairstreak - Untitled
Hands & Fingers - Untitled
Hannah Trigwell - Not Enough
Happy Daggers - Dirty Disco
Happy Red Tractors - Devil's Dream
Harmacy - Untitled
Harmacy - Carla's Song
Harry George Johns - Post Breakdown Blues
Hatch - 16 Year Divide
Hayashi - Rosebud
Hayley Gaftarnick - Circles
Heads We Dance - My Heart is Set On You
Heads We Dance - The Human Touch
Heart-Ships - FOIL
Hearts & Souls - There's Something About Francis
Helica - Untitled
Her Name Is Calla - The Heritage
Herdwhite - Put Down Your Weapons
Herdwhite - Lost In The Big City
Herrod - Champion The Cause (sampler)
Hood - The Negatives....
Hoover Dams - Fight Night
Humanfly - Darker Later
Hunting Bears - Brother Sister EP (& Launch!)
Hysteria - Untitled
I Am A Car - Sun Will Rise
i concur - Whatever it’s going to be
i concur - Lucky Jack / Build Around Me
i concur - Oblige
i concur - Able Archer
I Love Poland - s/t
If I Were King - Restless
If I Were King - Untitled
Illusory Centre - The Den / Circus Holes
Immune - Elek
Immune - 1/f
Impure - 42 Miles In This Direction
Indicator - Critical Resistance EP
InSatellites - Drive
InSatellites - No Wave EP
Insect Guide - Dark Days And Nights
Insert Coin - The World Is Yours EP
Instant Species - The Longer You Leave It, The Louder It Gets...
Instant Species - The Take Away EP
Instant Species - 3-Star
Instant Species - Meat Pie Argument
Instant Species - Home Alone
Instant Species - She Gives Me Nothing EP
Instant Species - Plan "E"
Instant Species - Robert The Bruces Spider
Instant Species - Tax Man, Funny Man
International Trust - Bruce Lee
International Trust - Talk of The Town
International Trust - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Itch - Spiralling Paper Planes
Itch - The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Itch - Untitled
Itch - Well, Well, Well, Three Holes in the Ground
Jack Afro - Untitled
Jackson Palmer - Sun In the fall
Jacob - Sequin Bug
Jameson Raid - Time Burn
Japanaro - Untitled
Japanese Fighting Fish - Day Bombs
Jenni Noyes - The Journey So Far...
Jesus and his Judgemental Father - Kings and Queens
Jilambis - Believers In Descendants
John Parkes - 5 Acoustic Songs
John Parkes - Faithlessnessless
Johnny Poindexter - Two of Three EP
Johnny Poindexter - One of Three EP
Johnny Powell - The difficulties of...
Johnson House - Go Gently
Jon Doe's - For Emergency Use Only
Jon Doe's - Just Say Go
Jon Gomm - Hypertension
Jon Jones and the Beatniks Movement - Freak Show
Jon Palmer - Walk Into Your Dreams
Jonjo Feather - I Suppose
Jonny Berliner - s/t
Juma - Radio Elite
Juma - Shotgun / Icons
Jumpcut - Hungry Wise
Juno - Answers
Justin Evans - My Revolution
K.O.Kaine - Untitled
Kaiser Chiefs - Oh My God
Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I Love You Less and Less
Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot
Kaiser Chiefs - Everything Is Average Nowadays
Kasiuss - Untitled
Kava Kava - Maui
Kaya - Poorly Produced Demo
Kaylium - Untitled
Kenosha - One Percenter
Kerouac - I Hope Everything's Alright In Your World
Kid iD - Broken Little Monkey EP
Kid iD - Please Tell Your Friends
Kid iD - That Dreaded Monster What If
Kid iD - The Love Is Demo
Kid iD - Black Comedy
King Booty - s/t
King Nothing - LTGTR
King Palooka - The Wellington Street EP
King Tonka - Untitled
Kram - Stupid & Contagious
Kram - Come The Demarcation
Kram - So This Is What The Soldiers Did
Kram - Untitled
Kram - Sides / Where Were You?
L-Mo - Got Gumption
Lapdog - Breathing is Optional
LaRusso - Untitled
LaRusso - My Indecision Is Final
LaRusso - Can't Let It Go / Seven Days
Lasse Brawn - Untitled
Last Gang - Beat of Blue
Last Night's TV - Better Than That
Last Night's TV - Quiet Storm EP
Last Night's TV - Too Much in Doubt
Last Night's TV - Know and Love
Last Night's TV - Daylight Between The Blades
Last Night's TV - Nice to Have a History
Last Night's TV - Everyone Here Was a Stranger'
Last Riot - Shoot For The Sky EP
Last Temple Orchestra - Untitled
Laura Audio - Untitled
Lemons and Limes - The Debut EP
les Flames! - Wrong
les Flames! - Mutley, 1, From Essex
les Flames! - Commitment to Excellence
Lewis Denby - Next Year
Lewis Denby - Lookout Posts and Telescopes
Lewis Denby - Threadbear
Lewis J. Smith - Moonlight and Magnolias
Libero - Defined and Refined
Little Big Men - Lord & Lady Muck
Little Big Men - Let It Go
Little Match Girl - s/t
Little Vegas Lies - A Truth Not Far Away
Lo-Gain - Random
Lone Wolf - The Devil And I
Loqui - I Can't Believe It's Not Better
Loqui - The Average White Boy
Lorimer - Repeat Offender
Lorimer - George Oldfield
Los Guys - La Noche De San Juan
Lost Ground - Tales
Loudmouth Soup - Skydiver / Narcolepsy
Loudmouth Soup - Skydiver / Make Some Hay
Louise Distras - Spiders
Louise Distras - Heart Strings on a Hand Grenade
Love Of The Brave - Love Of The Brave
Lowfields - Untitled
Lowlife UK - Barstool Preaching
Lowlife UK - That's Just How It is
Lucky Royale - Untitled
Ludwig - Redistribution of Stealth
Ludwig - Music Make You Happy
Ludwig - Snake District
Ludwig - They Came For My Brain
Luke Hirst - Songs for a rainy day
Luke Hirst - The Bedroom Budget Demos
Luke Hirst - A Demonstration By...
Luke Hirst - Rock n Roll Begins At Home
Lunar Camels - Untitled
Luva Gunk - Luva Gunk
Maia - Pepper Stars
Mainline - Turn On
Mainline - Interstellar Rock'n'Roll
Mainstay - Untitled
Malibu Stacey - Cuatro discos de stomp
Malibu Stacey - On Heat
Mama Scuba - Pouche
Mama Scuba - Sweet Girl
Mama Scuba - You're Long Time Dead So What's the Hurry
Mama Scuba - El Shake
March of Dimes - All Intents and Purposes
Mariko - User Friendly
Market Fiction - We Borrow Industry
Marmozets - The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets
Marsicans - MJ
Martha - Kids knee deep in the Power of Love
Martin Plock - So Far
Martin Plock - Repeating Mistakes
Mary-Jane - What I Came Here For
Matt Bentley - Entropy
Matt Bentley - Something to Find
Matt Joe Gow - Bullet
Menace Beach - Dream Out
Menbrain - Give Me A Reason
Messina - Split Your Heart
Metro - Career Opportunities
Mi Mye - The Last
Mi Mye - Sometimes Life's Cool
Mi Mye - I think everything's going to be fine
Michael Ainsley Band - Cyclone
Michael Rossiter - Like a Green Moray on a National Path
Michael Rossiter - La Charge
Mickey Charbagz - Untitled
Mickey Charbagz - White Gold
Micky P Kerr - www.mickypkerr.co.uk / Dreamers Club
Middleman - Blah Blah Blah
Middleman - Good To Be Back
Middleman - It's Not Over Yet
Middleman - Spinning Plates
Middleman - Counterstep
Mishkin - State of Mute Fear
Misled Vision - The Sound of Silence
Misled Vision - Bitter Kiss
Mojo Pin - Stripes
Mojo Pin - The Breaking Places
MonMon - Repetition With Variation
MonMon - Monkey Fist
Monster Killed By Laser - Tender Crawler
Monte Carlo - Trilogy #1
Mother Vulpine - Keep Your Wits Sharp
Move To Cuba - Influence
Mr Charming - In Modo Di Funk
Mr Charming - Mr Charming EP
Mr Dogg - Productive Day?
Mr Dogg - Get Out of the Warehouse
Mr Shiraz - Nelly's Kitchen EP
Mr Shiraz - Lecture Theatre
Mr Shiraz - Sleeping With The Enemy
My Northern Edge - Untitled
Myattmode - Metropolis
Naked Flames - Ignite
Naked Flames - Animal Love
Napoleon IIIrd - EP1
Napoleon IIIrd - In Debt To
Napoleon IIIrd - Hideki Yukawa
NARCS - Two Birds, One Stone Later
Nerve Engine - Chrome
Nerve Engine - Underneath The Sprawl
Nerve Engine - Red Son Rising
Nerve Engine - One Chance
Nervous Twitch - This Modern World EP
New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack - The Man With Four Tears
Night Herons - Night Herons
Nightmares On Wax - In A Space Outta Sound
Nikoli - Space & Time EP
Nikoli - You've Come So Far
Nikoli - Resigned EP
Nikoli - Take It & Go / She Asks Me
Nikoli - Stay Safe Tonight
ninepoundnote - Go National
No Eager Men - I'm Bored
Nonpareil - Changing Tides
Noonakai - All My Journeys
Noonakai - Dislocated
Nova - Nova IV
Nursery - 8PM
O Fracas - O Fracas EP
O Fracas - Zeros & Ones / What Jim Hears
O Fracas - Follow Sue
O Fracas - Factfinding EP
O Fracas - Fits and Starts
O.C.D. (Mark Hadley) - Untitled
Offramp - Untitled
Old School Enemy - The Crust
One Day, After School... - Untitled
One Day, After School... - Prolefeed
One Stop Railway - Shattered Glass
Open Disregard - Black and Blue
Orka - Untitled
OtherPeoplesLives - Unfold
Otiks - Deadlights
Palo Alto - Still EP
Palo Alto - Wades into Water
Palo Alto - Every Way To Fall
Paraffin Alien - Slouch EP
Parisman - A Lesson In The Art Of Balance
Parisman - Responsible for Everything EP
Parisman - The Idea Machines
Parisman - The Answer To Example 1
Parisman - A Place That Glows
Parva - Good Bad Right Wrong
Parva - Hessles
Pat Bourne Band - Untitled
Paul Marshall - Vultures
Paul Stone - Reprise of Swing
Penguin - This is Believing EP
Personal Hell - Untitled
Pete Briley - Roads To Rome
Pete Briley - Semantics
Phluid - Cynical Smile
Phluid - Iconoclast
Phluid - Release
Pifco - Pifco A Go Go
Pigzipper - Untitled
Pill Box Hat - Sandown Road
Piskie Sits - Untitled
Piskie Sits - 50's Greaser Uniform
Piskie Sits - What Is The Point?
Piskie Sits - The Secret Sickliness
Piskie Sits - Churp Churp
Piskie Sits - The Way I'd Like To Go
Piskie Sits - Creature Feature
Plastic Fuzz - 6 EP
Plasticine - The Man Who Makes Volcanoes
Polaris - s/t
Polarize - Continuous Performance
Pop Threat - Dark Black
Pop Threat - Filth
Pop Threat - Ingrained
Pop Threat - No Way Out
Pop Threat - Scum
Pop Threat - Amarantal Meltdown
Portabello - Once Around The Sun
Portal - Waves And Echoes
Post War Glamour Girls - Tragic Loss; He Had Such A Lovely House
Post War Glamour Girls - Pink Fur
Pray For Hayden - As The Sun Sets
Pray For Hayden - Untitled
Prime Mover - Cabbages and Kings
Project New City - Untitled
Pulled Apart by Horses - Meat Balloon
Pulled Apart by Horses - I Punched A Lion In The Throat / The Crapsons
Pulled Apart by Horses - Yeah Buddy
Pulled Apart by Horses - Wolf Hand
Pulled Apart by Horses - Tough Love
Pulled Apart by Horses - Blood
Pushbike Army - Sleeping In The Ditch
Pushbike Army - Four From Alexandra Grove
Quack Quack - s/t
Quack Quack - Mars / The Great Catsby
Quicklime - Untitled
Radio Partizan - We Interrupt This Broadcast...
Ranaboy - Ranaboy EP
Random Hand - Another Change of Plan
Random Hand - Hit Reset
Rebel Yell - Live
Red Go Green Stop - R.E.
Red Shift - Violent Cop EP
Red Shift - Black Ops EP
Red Star - Law And Order
Redgrass - British Democracy and Other Myths
Redwire - Untitled
Redwood Thinkers - Fade So Simple
Remo - Let It Go
Rent - PS...
Return To Aljustrel - Tell The People I'm Not Coming Down
Rhode Island - Untitled
Rhode Island - Sunshine Skylark Bridge
Rhode Island - Happy Birthday EP
Rhode Island - Night Fliers EP
Rhode Island - Horsefly
Rhode Island - Light the Windows in these Places Let Through
Ric Neale - Hasn't Heard of You Either
Ric Neale - Different Than Before
Ric Neale - Someone Else's Home
Richard Parker - Richard Parker
Ridgevex - s/t
Rob Nichols - 2nd Album
Rob Nichols - Untitled
Rob Nichols - Allegory
Rob Nichols - Words & Numbers
Rob Nichols - How Things Are Supposed To Be Done
Robochrist - Untitled
Rochelle - Untitled
Rochelle - Fer De Lance
Rodina - Over The Sun
Rolla - Untitled
Royal Vendetta - The Lost Cause
Royal Vendetta - Hopelessly Lost
Rudolf Rocker - Rabbiting With Richard Dido
Runaround Kids - Kiss Chase
Rupert Stroud - Chasing the Night
Rusko - Songs
Ryan Mitchell-Smith - The Musician
Ryan Spendlove - In Another World
Ryder - Sneakerfreakin
Sailors - s/t
Sam Airey - A Marker and a Map
Sam and Anna - Untitled
Sam Daintree - Human Being Being Human
sammyUSA - Untitled
sammyUSA - Doorway of a Dancehall
Samsa - Working on the Inside
Samsa - Untitled
Samsa - Quiet Places
Samsa - To Conquer
Samskara - Untitled
Sawsound - We Have It All
Sawthroat - Slave EP
Scatter - Judas
Scatter - Untitled
Scatter - Women Of A Certain Age
Scott Wainwright - All That Glitters Is Not Gold
Scott Wainwright - Every Man Has His Critics
Scott Wainwright - Bric A Brac Blues EP
Scott Wainwright - Strangers Here
Sean Forde - Last Call
Sear - Untitled
Sear - Until The Dust Lies
Seas Of Furious Lizards - Untitled
Section II - Section II
Seed - Smoke and Mirrors
Seed Brothers - A New Tomorrow
Send More Paramedics - The Hallowed & The Heathen
Seraphic - Feisty, Innocent
Serf - Watch the World Go By
Serious Sam Barrett - Close To Home
Serious Sam Barrett - Serious Sam Barrett
Session X - Energise EP
Seven Hours - Untitled
Seven Hours - Seven Hours EP
Seven Hours - Make It Up
Seven Hours - Blue
Seven Story Mourning - The Mourning After EP
Shadow of Memories - Too Much Within
Shakinouts - Time You Were Told
Shakinouts - Are You Happy?!
Shallowend - The Waterfall EP
Shallowend - Shining Brighter / Tigers
Shallowend - Now You Can Own The Experience
Shatner - Energise
Shatner - Anticlockwise
Shatner - Thirteen O'Clock
Shatner - Wow Signals
Shaun T Hunter - For Adults and Brave Children
Shaun T Hunter - Flying Not Falling
She's Not Dead - Bedtime Stories
She's Not Dead - Together We Are Strangers
Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames - Signal Noise
Shut Your Eyes And You'll Burst Into Flames - Drop The Decade
Siamese Twist - Adored
Sierpinski - This Geography Of Ours
Signal Generator - Square Wave EP
Signal Generator - Output EP
Silverlode - A Glimpse of Lightening
Silverlode - Four Short and Varied Songs Regarding Money, Effort, Worth and Self
Silvertin - Signs
Simon Pollard Band - The Dark Before the Dawn
Single White Female - Extended Play EP
Sketches - Slow Start
Sketches - Bleed Victoria
Sketches - 1 of 200
Skint & Demoralised - The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds
Skint & Demoralised - This Sporting Life
Sky Larkin - One of Two
Sky Larkin - Molten
Sky Larkin - The Golden Spike
Sky Larkin - Motto
Sleeve - Untitled
Slice - Untitled
Sniper - Untitled
Soberskin - Erectronic
Soberskin - Untitled
Soberskin - Prototype
Soberskin - This Is A Calling
Sol Gravy - Sun Son EP
Solace - Wasted Youth
Souls - Burning Fires of Destruction Leaving Trails of Debris in Their Wake
Sound Of Sirens - What's That Noise?
Sounds Of Swami - Halcyon Days
Spectrals - Spectrals Extended Play
Spectrals - Sob Story
Spirit Of John - Snakes
Spitfire Charlie - Untitled
Spitfire Charlie - Spitfire Charlie EP
Spitfire Charlie - What did we do last night?
Spitfire Charlie - Soldier
Spitfire Charlie - No Need To Fight
Spitfire Charlie - Childish Thoughts
Spitfire Charlie - Hard To Let You Go
Spoonfish - Untitled
Spring - Four
Spring - Circle Cake
St Gregory Orange - Hearts Are Tape Machines
St. Somebody - Places
Staerimto - Untitled
Stateless - Untitled
Stateless - Bloodstream EP
Stateless - Exit
Stateless - s/t
Steer - Sketches
Steve Sanderson - Time and Tide EP
Steve Sanderson - Not For Mass Consumption
Stonefish - Untitled
Storyville - Untitled
Stylus - Untitled
Substate - Untitled
Sugarvalve - Flouxetine
Suki - 30:00
Superboss - Protoretro
Superboss - Things Will Get Better
Superelectric - E Is For Effort, A Is For Attainment
Superelectric - Everything's Fuzzy
Superelectric - Music For Joyriding
Superelectric - Going Blank
Superelectric - I Like It Too Much
Susskind - The April Shower Demo
Sweet Sneakers - Fight Fire With Fire
Tacoma - Untitled
Team Modeliste - Untitled
Tempting Kate - Falling Off Buildings
Tempting Kate - Demonstrations
Tempting Kate - Waiting For Nothing
Tempting Kate - Last Change
Ten Dollar Fist - Keep Control
Ten Seconds Of Chaos - Don't Cut Me Out
Ten Seconds Of Chaos - On Second Thoughts
Terra-ist - Ignition
Test Transmission - Urgency
That Fucking Tank - Andrew/James
That Fucking Tank - Day Of Death by Bono Adrenaline Shot
The 39Steps - Coming Clean
The 42 Tones - Sloppiness Counts
The Acutes - Set On You
The Acutes - When I Left Work Today
The Acutes - Set On You
The Acutes - Tonnerre Et Wah EP
The Alamo - Hello Venus!
The Argonauts - Telling Stories
The Artists - Magic Words
The Beat Marshals - Fall From Grace
The Big Blue - Something To Hold On To
The Big Blue - A Small Drop In The Ocean
The Bilderberg Group - I Knew You'd Know I'd Know You Know
The Bilderberg Group - This Could Happen
The Bilderberg Group - Use Yer Head
The Bilderberg Group - s/t
The Bilderberg Group - This City!
The Birdman Rallies - Untitled
The Birdman Rallies - Gondola
The Birdman Rallies - Moons
The Birthday Kiss - Choking
The Black Bloc - Untitled
The Black Hawk War - Enemies of Fate
The Blind Dead McJones Band - Back To School Blues
The Bluefoot Project - Observations
The Bluefoot Project - Brave
The Blueskins - User Friendly
The Blueskins - Magic Road EP
The Blueskins - Change My Mind
The Blueskins - Word of Mouth
The Boy Tate - In The Head Of The Ice Cream Girl
The Boy Tate - Flagrante Delicto
The Breech - In a Better Place
The Breech - I am New Mexico
The Bundesrats - Half Finished Horse
The Butterfly - Untitled
The Chiara L's - s/t
The Compression - Au Naturel
The Couderhae Connection - Untitled
The Cribs - Another Number / Baby Don't Sweat
The Cribs - Hey Scenesters!
The Cribs - Mirror Kissers
The Cribs - The New Fellas
The Cribs - Martell
The Cribs - You're Gonna Lose Us
The Cribs - Ignore The Ignorant
The Cubes - Digital Girl
The Cut - s/t
The Cut - Walking Lonely Streets EP
The Cut - Underneath the Skin
The Cut - Dazed
The Cut - Cold Sister
The Dais - Untitled
The Dauntless Elite - Graft
The Dauntless Elite - More Bloody Bad News
The Dead Orchestra - Untitled
The Dead Orchestra - Force Of Habit
The Dead Pets - Too Little Too Late
The Dead Pets - Untitled
The Debuts - 43
The Dharma - Untitled
The Dharma - Can You Rely On Them
The Do's - This N That
The Downfall - Atrofeed
The Downfall - Transporter
The Drastics - Fuck Romance
The Echo - Cast Those Stones EP
The Echo - Tin Foil Dreams
The Experts - Protein Shake
The Final Sigh - If you're not part of the Solution you're part of the Problem
The Finnlys - For Love Nor Money
The Fret - Mr Beat
The Fuss - Music Is Life EP
The Future Of Transporte - The Ulysess EP
The Future Of Transporte - Robots Of Power EP
The Glitterati - Do you love yourself?
The Glitterati - Here Comes A Close Up
The Glitterati - You Got Nothing on Me
The Glitterati - s/t
The Glitterati - Heartbreaker
The Glitterati - Back In Power
The Glitterati - Back In Power
The Gold Fever - California / Hear My Voice
The Gonzo's - 1000 Words
The Good The Bad - From 005 to 008
The Grand - I don't want to make you happy, I want to make you cry
The Grand - Incapacitated, Ill-fated and In Love
The Hair - Untitled
The Hair - Haircuts
The Hair - Ghosts
The Hair - Disco/Retro
The High Chairs - s/t
The High Chairs - Second Thoughts On Dreams And Doubts EP
The Hightones - The Attic Tapes
The Hit and Runs - Set The Cameras Rollin'
The Hit and Runs - Nightcap EP
The Hoarse - The way we bring it down
The Horror - First Blood
The Horror - First Blood Part II
The Humour - You're Gonna Pay
The Idol Dead - The Shooting Star EP
The Invention - Untitled
The Invention - Lights Out
The Invention - Voltage
The Jones - Untitled
The Jutes - Bonnie & Clyde
The Kiara Elles - Odio
The Lab - 2.4 Area
The Lab - Time To Change Time? (Walk)
The Ladykillers - The Stars Of A Teenage Wet Dream
The Lies - s/t
The Lies - Untitled
The Little Darlings - Fit For Purpose
The Lodger - The Lodger Sings A Demo CD
The Lodger - Untitled
The Lodger - Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion
The Lodger - Watching / Not So Fast
The Lodger - Let Her Go
The Lodger - Grown Ups
The Longshots - Million To One EP
The Longshots - What Doesn't Kill Us
The Loose Cut - Soul
The Lost 45s UK - We Were Storming
The Lost 45s UK - Legends EP
The Lost 45s UK - Ivy / The Man That Time Forgot
The Lost 45s UK - What Time Do You Call This?
The Lost 45s UK - The Next Projected Sound Of...
The Loved Ones (UK) - Self Destruction for Beginners
The Loving Palms - Runaway
The Lucida Console - Untitled
The March Greens - You Shall Go To The Ball
The Mavis Seed - Did you hear me?
The Mingers - Live at Joseph's Well
The Mingers - Universal Disarmament
The Minor Fall - s/t
The Modern Dance - Lovers In The Summertime
The Moot - Untitled
The Mt. Sierra Trip - The Mt. Sierra Trip
The Music - Take The Long Road And Walk It
The Music - You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me EP
The Music - The People EP
The Music - Take The Long Road And Walk It
The Music - s/t
The Music - Getaway
The Music - The Truth Is No Words
The Nearly Men - Bianca
The Nervous Shakedown - Untitled
The Nervous Shakedown - Untitled
The Nervous Shakedown - They've Come To Save Us
The Nervous Shakedown - Untitled
The Noise - The Electric Press
The Noise - Untitled
The Noise - Cheap Thrills EP
The Occupation - Untitled
The Old House - s/t
The Old Romantic Killer Band - You Don't Know How To Love
The Outlines - Love EP
The Outlines - s/t
The Pablos - The Pablos
The Passing Fancy - Talking Sense Blues
The Passing Fancy - On The Road (Norman's Wisdom)
The Pigeon Detectives - Untitled
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
The Pigeon Detectives - You Know I Love You
The Pigeon Detectives - I Found Out
The Pigeon Detectives - Romantic Type
The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me
The Pigeon Detectives - Take Her Back
The Pigeon Detectives - Emergency
The Pigeon Detectives - This Is An Emergency
The Pigeon Detectives - Everybody Wants Me
The Pigeon Detectives - Say It Like You Mean It
The Pigeon Detectives - Animal
The Pigeon Detectives - Animal
The Pigeon Detectives - I Won't Come Back
The Pipers - Medicine Cabinet EP
The Playmates - Smash Hits / Jackie Wright
The Plight - Black Summer
The Plight - s/t
The Plight - Winds Of Osiris
The Pretty Machine - Untitled
The Prime Movers - Party Favours
The Printed Sound - A Tale Of Two Cities
The Printed Sound - The Announcement / Lips
The Printed Sound - The Announcement EP
The Prototypes - A Twist Of Fate
The Real Losers - Crime Time
The Research - C'mon Chameleon
The Research - She's Not Leaving
The Research - The Old Terminal
The Resplendents - Quetzel EP
The Retrose - Yesterday's News
The Rise - New Situation
The Riverside Happy - The Beaumont Sessions
The Rosie Taylor Project - Black And White Films
The Rosie Taylor Project - This City Draws Maps
The Sailmakers - Unsteady On His Feet
The Scandal - Karolina
The Scaramanga Six - The Continuing Saga Of
The Scaramanga Six - Are you one of the Family?
The Scaramanga Six - You Do, You Die!
The Scaramanga Six - Strike! Up the Band
The Scaramanga Six - The Poison Pen
The Scaramanga Six - Horrible Face
The Scaramanga Six - Cabin Fever
The Scaramanga Six - Baggage
The Scaramanga Six - We Rode The Storm
The Scaramanga Six - The Dance of Death
The Scaramanga Six - Walking Through Houses
The Scaramanga Six - Songs of Prey
The Scaramanga Six - Cursed
The Scaramanga Six - Phantom Head
The Seagulls - Parachute
The Smokin Jones - Untitled
The Somatics - Lemonade
The Somatics - s/t
The Somatics - Dynamo Mercurial
The Somatics - Did You Ever Love Me?
The Somatics - Elemental
The Soul Circle Gang - Fresh Fruit / Umbrella of Life
The Spills - I'm Scared I Might
The Spills - Spooky Roller Disco
The Stations - This Globe Can Be Upgraded
The Sugars - Doo Wop (Sugar So Sweet)
The Sugars - Monsters
The Sugars - Way To My Heart
The Sugars - The Curse Of The Sugars
The Sunshine Underground - Put You in Your Place
The Sunshine Underground - My Army EP
The Sunshine Underground - Commercial Breakdown
The Sunshine Underground - Borders
The Sunshine Underground - Nobody's Coming To Save You
The Tempus - Untitled
The Tennessee Traincrash - Untitled
The Tonic - Untitled
The Tonic - News Of Home
The Touch - Untitled
The Victor Surge - Untitled
The Voltaires - Anti-Love EP
The Voltaires - The Voltaires
The Voyeurs - If I'm Right / World
The Wedding Present - The Complete Peel Sessions 1986-2004
The Wedding Present - Interstate 5
The Wedding Present - Take Fountain
The Wedding Present - Ringway to Seatac
The Wedding Present - Valentina
The Wednesday Club - Soap
The Wednesday Club - Katapult
The Whippets - You'll Be Fine EP
The Wind-up Birds - My Life Was Ruined By The Wind-Up Birds
The Wind-up Birds - The Land
The Window Right - Untitled
The Xenith Sound - Innoncence
The Xenith Sound - Fear is the Enemy
The Xenith Sound - Untitled
The Xenith Sound - Untitled
The Yalla Yallas - Diamond in Dirt
These Monsters - Untitled
These Monsters - Call Me Dragon
These Monsters - Heroic Dose
This Black Velvetine - Goodbye
This Days Fury - Untitled
This Days Fury - Nineteen Days To Die
This Et Al - Everything's irrelevant and no idea's original
This Et Al - Untitled
This Et Al - You've Driven For Miles And Not Remembered A Thing
This Et Al - Wardens / Rotary Queen
This Et Al - Sabbatical
This Et Al - Baby Machine
This Et Al - Of National Importance
This Et Al - The Figure Eight EP
Those Delta Wolves - Shallows
Three Random Words - Untitled
Threekseven - The Halcyon EP
Tiger Shadow - The Rise of The Tiger Shadow
Tiger Shadow - Stripe 1
Tiger Shadow - Stripe Two
Tiger Shadow - The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow
Tim Canfer - Butterscotch
Tiny Giants - Shades of Grey
TMF - s/t
To Kill A King - Cannibals With Cutlery
Tract - Destroy Reality TV
Treason Kings - Mother
Tristan Mackay - Out Along The Wire
Tug Ether - Year of Evolution
Twilight Elevators - Untitled
Two Legs Bad - Untitled
Ultraxine - Taking Sweets From Strangers
Uma - Live at the Met
Unclejohnny - Untitled
Unclejohnny - Old Men Round A Table
Unexploded Shells - EP No 1
Unexploded Shells - Made In The Same City As You
Unexploded Shells - Hexthorpe 1
Unfinished Drawings - Ciara Star
Unfinished Drawings - Unfinished Drawings
Union Jackass - Chasing Dreams
Uprights - Wall Ball
Uptight - The Hitman EP
Uptight - Smut Rock EP
Valleys - Ghost
Vatican Jet - Red Demo
Vatican Jet - Green Demo
Vatican Jet - Bronze Demo
Vendettas - What You Say Girl
Vendettas - Long Island Ice Tea
Vessels - s/t
Vessels - Two Words & A Gesture
Vessels - White Fields and Open Devices
Vessels - Retreat
Vessels - Helioscope
Vest For Tysso - VFT EP
Vib Gyor - Insomnia EP
Vib Gyor - Untitled
Vib Gyor - Fallen
Vicious Cabaret - Twilight Of The Idols EP
Vicious Cabaret - Wallow
Virginia Creep - Untitled
Virginia Creep - Crack Out Baby
Visa - Untitled
Visa - Wow Signal EP
Volcanoes - Red Door EP
Volcanoes - Fruits of the Fuzz EP
Volcanoes - Shaking That Brass
Volcanoes - Sugar and Snarls
Volcanoes - Badchild Farsight
Volcanoes - Vexihomp
Voltage Union - Untitled
Voltage Union - On Your Marks
Waking the Witch - Boys From The Abattoir
We're Not The Cool Kids - I'm A Hungry Little Girl EP
Western Suburbs - The Road EP
Western Suburbs - The Borough of Western Suburbs
White Heat - Smiles
White Light Parade - House of Commons
Whitehouse Blues - Untitled
Whole Sky Monitor - We Grow Up EP
Whole Sky Monitor - Just Let Me Talk To her
Whole Sky Monitor - Harehills Chapeltown
Whole Sky Monitor - Bland Bland Bland
Whole Sky Monitor - Sold
WhoresWhoresWhores - Unicorn
Widgykeff - Made in Korea
Wild Beasts - Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants
Wild Beasts - Through Dark Night
Wild Beasts - Limbo Panto
Wilful Missing - Untitled
Wilful Missing - Molehills out of Mountains
Will Richards - Ready To Talk Now
William Stead - St Christopher Protect Us
Wintermute - Untitled
Wintermute - Dead Or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses
Wintermute - Robot Works
Working With Kenzi - Magpie
Worm - Integral Virus
Worm - Hate
Worriedaboutsatan - Arrivals
Wot Gorilla? - Wot Gorilla?
Wot Gorilla? - Kebnekaise
Wrestling Jacob - The Darkened Glass EP
Xi - Learning
Xi - Learning
Xi - Untitled
Xi - Low
Xi - Montauk
Xi - Faceless
Yellow Stripe Nine - Look Sharp EP
Yellow Stripe Nine - Sirens EP
Yellow Stripe Nine - 1 White Horse
Yellow Stripe Nine - More
Yellow Stripe Nine - Trouble With Girls
Yellow Stripe Nine - One Look (It's Love)
Yes Boss - Get Dropped Quick
Yes Boss - More Or Less / They Think It's All Over
Yes Boss - Tongues In Knots
Yes Boss - See It Through
Yes Boss - Look Busy
Yonderboy - Untitled
Young Amphibians - End of Today, Start of Tomorrow
Young Professionals - Pleasure Time
Your New Antique - Untitled
Your Vegas - s/t
Your Vegas - Flybuzz
YSN - More
Zealous - Dust
Zealous - Untitled
¡Forward, Russia! - Twelve
¡Forward, Russia! - Nine
¡Forward, Russia! - Give Me A Wall
¡Forward, Russia! - Eighteen
¡Forward, Russia! - Nineteen
¡Forward, Russia! - Life Processes